Hobo Foundation

Established 1974

51 Main Avenue South, Britt Iowa 50423

The dreams of three hobos came together in 1974 when they realized they shared the common goal of preserving hobo history. Hood River Blackie’s search for steam-era hobos brought him to Britt and introduced him to Steamtrain Maury and Feather River John. They drew up their letter of incorporation, filed for tax-exempt status and along with several Britt locals, became the Hobo Foundation.

Today the Foundation carries on the ambitious goals of these original hobos.

The Hobo Foundation owns and operates the Hobo Museum in Britt, Iowa and maintains the Hobo Cemetery in East Britt.

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Since 1980 the Hobo Foundation has been operating the Hobo Museum in a building that was formerly the Chief Theater. Located on main St, in Britt, Iowa, the Hobo Museum is a popular tourist attraction, especially during the National Hobo Convention held each August.

The Hobo Museum currently contains extensive memorabilia of such famous hobos as Steamtrain Maury, Frisco Jack, Connecticut Slim, Slo Motion Shorty, Hard Rock Kid and Pennsylvania Kid, just to name a few, plus original hobo crafts, photographs, videos and documentaries depicting the hobo lifestyle, paintings, a historic postcard collection, a hobo doll collection and much, much, much more. The Hobo Museum is a tribute to all the hobos who helped build America into the great country it is today.

Currently the Hobo Foundation has a major fundraising project underway to renovate our current museum  located in downtown Britt, Iowa. Any donation you can make to help support the  Hobo Museum renovation project is appreciated. The Hobo Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax deductible. You may even donate through Paypal!    

  Checks can be made payable to Hobo Foundation              

P.O.Box 143

Britt, Iowa 50423

Hobo Foundation